Continue to Expand - El Salvador Is The Next Destination for MINISO

On January 9, the designer brand MINISO reached strategic cooperation agreement with its Salvadoran partner in Guangzhou, China, confirming that MINISO will soon enter the El Salvadoran market.

Mr. Miyake Junya, the chief designer of MINISO, said at the signing ceremony that he hoped MINISO could develop soon in El Salvador, so that local consumers are able to purchase the high quality and the most affordable products in MINISO, and enjoy stress-free shopping.


(Illustration: MINISO’s chief designer Mr. Miyake Junya placed great expectations on the cooperation with El Salvador.)

Mr. Justin Willingham, the representative of the Salvadoran partner said that he came into contact and fell in love with this brand as early as two years ago, and has been longing for the opportunity to cooperate with MINISO. Mr. Justin Willingham stated that MINISO is a brand that understands young people very well, is familiar with their shopping needs, and respects their preferences. At the same time, he also highly recognized the business model of the brand. "El Salvador is a coastal country located in the north of Central America, and it is also the most densely populated country in Central America. The domestic consumer market is active and the national consumer demand is strong." Mr. Justin Willingham said. He hoped that the business performance of MINISO in this market will exceed the expectations of the headquarters in the future.

图片2.jpg (Illustration: Mr. Justin Willingham, the representative of Salvadoran partner said that he was a big fan of MINISO.)

MINISO has advocated the concept of quality life since its establishment, and it pursues a life philosophy of “simple, natural and quality” and a brand proposition of "coming back to nature, and reverting to the essence of products". It dedicates itself to providing customers with quality, creative and low-price products, which win favor of global consumers. In addition to providing cost-effective products, MINISO also works hard to create a home-like and relaxed shopping experience for consumers, hoping to provide every consumer with the happiness of shopping.

图片3.jpg(Illustration: the representatives of MINISO and Salvadoran partner were signing the strategic cooperation agreement.)

Nowadays, MINISO is actively developing the global market, and has reached strategic cooperation agreements with more than 60 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong (China) and Macao (China). MINISO has been well received by global consumers, gaining trust and support from consumers throughout the world.


(Illustration: leaders of both parties were taking a group photo after the signing ceremony.)