MINISO's Design Academy Appeared at the Design Shanghai Exhibition

On March 6, the Asian high-end international design exhibition "DESIGN SHANGHAI" opened grandly. MINISO Design Academy, the original design team of MINISO, selected a series of excellent original design products to present during the design exhibition.


1.jpg “DESIGN SHANGHAI” grandly opened in Shanghai Exhibition Center

The works exhibited by the MDA included the u-fan, which won the 2019 iF Design Award and the 2018 Red Dot Design Award; the circular folding lamp, which won the 2019 Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award; the wave notebook, which won the 2018 Red Dot Design Award; the “Water Cube” water bottle, and portable sticking device which won the 2018 iF Design Award; the CirXquare hand-held mini fan, which won the 2018 K-Design; and the pillow notebook, which was designed by Lightree, the Korean design team.

3.jpg The wave pencil box and the wave notebook, which won the iF and Red Dot Design Award.

4.jpg CirXquare hand-held fan and U-FAN, which won the Red Dot Design Award.

 MINISO Design Academy also invited many design teams to attend this exhibition, including fashion brand Crash Baggage, Korean BOUD team, Life Studio of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Zan design (the design team of u-fan), HOII and moi. The bags and suitcases of Italian fashion brand Crash Baggage were also exhibited in the MINISO Design Academy booth. MINISO has reached cooperation agreement with Crash Baggage. In the near future, a variety of creative and stylish Crash Baggage products will be available in MINISO stores around the world.

BOUD design of South Korea, which signed a cooperation agreement with MINISO in December last year, plans to develop 100 product designs in one year. Jimmy Park, the co-founder and designer of BOUD design, said that he hoped to find out the positive development direction of the Korean design industry and MINISO through this cooperation, and enable global consumers to buy interesting Korean designer products with a pleasant experience through MINISO's retail platform.

MINISO Design Academy is a professional design agency of MINISO, which is committed to original design and adhering to the design concept of "better design, better life". It gathers excellent design resources from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, South Korea and China to create a large number of trendy original design products.


MINISO Design Academy booth displayed the products designed by Zan design.

As a top international design event in Asia, "DESIGN SHANGHAI" is a groundbreaking event in the design field in Asia. It brings together the world's leading design brands and galleries on a massive scale, providing a unique platform for communication and exchange, and helping brands build long-term business relationships with Asia's most influential designers, developers, purchasing managers, collectors and private buyers.

"DESIGN SHANGHAI" aims to explore the integration of Eastern and Western design concepts through five design exhibition areas: contemporary design, classic design, limited design, kitchen and bathroom design and office design. During the event, the exhibition presents special design installations, design forums for design masters, and many exciting design activities.

 "DESIGN SHANGHAI" has rapidly developed into the world's top design event and become one of the must-see design activities in the world.