MINISO Reached Cooperation Agreements with Ecological Suppliers, Advocating “Elaborate Manufacture”

On August 17, the 2018 MINISO Ecological Supply Chain Quality Summit was held in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Pullman Hotel. It is said that this was the first time for MINISO to hold a conference that focused on supply chain and product quality, which gathered nearly 500 excellent suppliers of different product categories. The summit followed the cardinal line of “creator”, dividing into three chapters, which are “creating quality”, “creating intelligence” and “developing a strong will”, showing MINISO has made great achievements on product quality and design, IT innovation and overseas development.



Leaders of MINISO and representatives of ecological chain suppliers were conducting the lighting ceremony.



2018 MINISO Ecological Supply Chain Quality Summit


Mr. Ye Guofu, the global co-founder and CEO of MINISO has always believed that quality is the unshakable principle. He mentioned the “Pinduoduo” as an example to indicate that, there are four key phrases to describe future consumption trend, which are good quality, low prices, good taste and satisfying the majority of consumers. Mr. Ye said that, "good quality” and “low prices” are a paradox, and they are also a paradox of MINISO and suppliers. To solve this paradox, the most important thing is to change the fixed concept and to reframe orders and product planning. Secondly, to improve efficiency and change production and technology of factories are also significant.


What is “MINISO”? No. 001 “creator” Mr. Ye Guofu considered that, MINISO’s mission is to manufacture high quality products. MINISO has always providing global consumers with high quality but low price products, making them enjoy a quality life and changing their fixed concept of “cheapest is the dearest”.



Mr. Ye Guofu, the global co-founder and CEO of MINISO has always believed that quality is the unshakable principle.


Good taste depends on good design. Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO shared his brand philosophy and the achievements MINISO obtained in the chapter of “creating quality”. Mr. Miyake Junya indicated that, the reason why MINISO was popular around consumers is that it maintains a good balance on design, quality and prices, which is rare in today’s market. To develop many more products with nice appearance, MINISO had constructed a shared designer platform, which had made great achievements so far. Some products won international awards such as German iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award.



MINISO’s global co-founder and chief designer Mr. Miyake Junya was sharing his design philosophy in the conference.


Nice appearance can be achieved by design, while high quality requires strict supervision and control. MINISO is highly strict to quality control. Tu Juan, the director of Quality Control Department of MINISO Commodity Center addressed the conference that, MINISO has set up its own quality control team since 2017, and has constructed a quality management system, including factory inspection, goods inspection, testing, identification and customer complaint. The global quality control system was officially operated in July, 2018. The continuous improvement of MINISO's quality management system can guarantee product quality to a greater extent. The improvement of product quality depends on the upgrading of core technologies. "We hope that the products that are finally delivered to consumers around the world are non-toxic and harmless from the inside to the outside,” said Tu.



“To deliver high quality products to global consumers,” said Tu Juan, the director of Quality Control Department of MINISO Commodity Center.


“High quality but low-price” is the eternal mission of MINISO. To achieve this goal, MINISO needs to improve its efficiency. Technology is the best way of improving efficiency. In 2018, MINISO cooperated with SAP to comprehensively upgrade the enterprise management system and apply technology to upgrade the supply chain. Ma Yutao, the vice president of MINISO IT Center explained the role of IT in the chapter of “creating intelligence”. Firstly, it is about efficiency; and secondly, it is about experience. 98% of the world's top 100 retailers use SAP to improve efficiency.  MINISO's SAP was successfully launched in the first phase, with an investment of over 100 million, only taking six months. The new system can realize the integration process of key business, turn stocking to ordering overseas, make stocking accurate and reduce inventory. It also transfers the account checking process and accounts settlement from off-line to on-line, which simplifies the process and collects funds quickly. For example, it takes only a few hours to settle the money rather than a week. Furthermore, the new system also provides comprehensive insight and quick response to consumer demands, creating experience that go beyond consumers' expectations.



Ma Yutao, the vice president of MINISO IT Center was concluding the cooperative achievement with SAP.


No matter it sticks to product quality, innovates product design, controls quality, or innovates information technology, MINISO going this far is to achieve the strategic goal of “opening ten thousand of stores in one hundred countries with one hundred billion sales volume”. In the chapter of “developing a strong will”, Vincent Huang, the vice president of International Operation Center showed the development data of MINISO in the overseas markets and indicated that, MINISO has opened more than 1,000 stores overseas in over 60 countries and regions in two years.



Vincent Huang, the vice president of MINISO International Operation Center was sharing the data of overseas markets.


During the summit, some ecological suppliers such as ESENE, Besiter, KORRUN reached cooperation agreements with MINISO officially, indicating that MINISO and the suppliers have built a link with "products" as the core, as well as an innovative cooperation model. As for the problem of product quality, the suppliers were divided into three sections: light industry, textile and food, having in-depth discussions and communication. To achieve all-win situation, it is important for MINISO and suppliers to work together.



Signing ceremony between representatives of MINISO and suppliers.



“Declaration wall” of MINISO “creators”